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Non domestic building stock accounts for as much as 18% of the UK’s carbon emissions. At Endurance Land, we are increasing our efforts to help minimise the impact buildings have on the environment and how by working closely with our tenants and upon consideration of the Governments “sustainable communities” initiative we aim to improve the local environment for all. Based on recent legislation, most notably the The Climate Change Bill and The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), Endurance Land sees sustainability as the leading element in shaping the future of commercial property by delivering products with exceptional environmental performance.

We have a sustainable agenda in everything we do and take the environmental impacts that our assets may have seriously. Hence, we recognise the importance of implementing a strategy for each project that not only address’s these issues but improves the future environment for our employees, tenants and customers.  By integrating sustainability and “green” policies into our commercial practices we aim to provide tenants with more efficient buildings whilst increasing productivity and reducing operating costs.

Endurance Land is fully committed to achieving the highest standards of health and safety management in order to safeguard our employees, partners, tenants, contractors and the public that may be affected by our actions and activities.

We adhere to an equal opportunities policy.

We recognise the importance of our occupiers and treat them as customers. Our customers are the life blood of our portfolio and we are dedicated to implementing a proactive approach to the management of our assets by embracing the following key guidelines;

  • Proactive leasing policy
  • Supporting energy saving initiatives
  • Positive property management policy
  • Positive environmental engineering

Endurance Land supports the Carbon Trust www.carbontrust.co.uk by using environmentally best practice in the day to day implementation of our overall strategy. Endurance Land supports the Commercial Lease Code of Practice. A copy of this can be found at www.rics.co.uk